A Bottle Full of Goodness..

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The perfect way of living

Some time ago the term "fitness" ruled the world of those who like to look good. However, being beautiful externally is not the only important thing because it does not demand the internal balance that supports a truly healthy life. Today, "wellness" is what everyone who wants to live in harmony and happiness wants. The concept of Wellness..Read more...



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A Gift From the Gods

That´s what the Incas called it. For them Coca Leaf was not just something exclusive for the nobility. It was also considered a gift and a sign of friendship.

This simple but powerful plant has been used for thousands of years.The first archaeological record dates from the Pre-Ceramic Period Read more...

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SPRING FLING - Voted for by you on Facebook
  • Melon liquor - Midori 20ml
  • gin 30ml
  • 3 slices of lime
  • 3 slices of lemon
  •