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Wellness - The Perfect way of Living

Some time ago the term "fitness" ruled the world of those who like to look good. However, being beautiful externally is not the only important thing because it does not demand the internal balance that supports a truly healthy life. Today, "wellness" is what everyone who wants to live in harmony and happiness wants.

The concept of “wellness” goes beyond the physical appearance because it is useless to look spectacular if we are not emotionally or mentally well. Adopting "wellness" as a lifestyle means expanding the welfare of all the aspects of a person, achieving a physical, mental and emotional balance.

If "fitness" works essential areas of our body, such as the cardiovascular system, then "wellness" improves the balance of body and mind; the proprioceptive system; the consciousness of our body and the management of the emotions.

Physical work must be coordinated with the psychological work, ideally trying to do it in a pleasant way and without creating stress. If we don't enjoy activities that help us achieve "wellness", we give up on them quickly. And it's true that consistency is the foundation for success. With "wellness" we discipline our habits turning them into healthy ones, always in physical, mental and emotional harmony. This means not only eating healthy and quitting smoking, but also organizing our free time, breathing properly and getting things done without stress.